The day to celebrate the birth of girl child:

  • The Collegiate Women’s Development Cell of R.J.Tibrewal Commerce College celebrated youth day as Girl child day on 12th January 2017 in the college campus along with the conveners Dr Prof Maherunnissa Desai and Prof Usha Venkatesan. Enthusiastic guidance and support by Principal CA Dr Hiten Parikh and other faculty members gave great support to the cause. Flowers and pamphlets were distributed to all the girl students as a token of celebration. A rally was taken out to highlight the cause. With due guidance and support, the event remained quite successful. This day was supported by Shri Sanjay Jani who celebrates this day to honor the Girl child every year to mark the birth of his twin daughters. On this day, he distributes roses and pamphlets to educational institutions and hospitals to create awareness of the importance of girl child in the Society.