Dr H M ParikhThe annual tradition of addressing the readers of AKS is a privilege. It is also an exercise in recalling the year gone by and thinking aloud the future.

The academic year 2017-18 has proven to be one of the best years in the history of the college. On the academic front, the year saw the college stake its claim to the top position of the centralised admission to the First Year B.Com course of the Gujarat University, as reflected in the cut offs. The year also saw the college add another feather in its well stocked cap in form of “Revolution” – a programme organised in association with the Rotary Club Greater-Ahmedabad, at the Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay Auditorium. The four hour programme, conducted flawlessly to a jam packed audience comprised a Public Speaking Competition and a cultural programme. The crowning glory of the event was a speech by the motivational guru Shri Sanjay Raval. The impeccable manner in which the programme was conceived, planned, arranged and conducted has left an indelible impression on the minds of every one present.

In last year's message, I had mentioned how pursuit of excellence is ingrained in the fabric of the college. Be it the students, the teachers, the administrative staff or the extended family, the Trust, Management, the Alumni and the Advisory Board to the IQAC, excellence is a pursuit that is considered mandatory.

Innovation is the name of the game today and keeping up with the times, it is my pleasure to share that, the incessant dedicated efforts put in by everyone saw the college commence the student start-up and innovation plan (SSIP). The cherry on the cake was Department of Education, Gujarat Government's validation of these efforts through the grant of Rs.40 lakhs as support to this programme, Rs.20 lakhs has already been disbursed to the College towards this.

The theme of AKS, this year is “Face to Face Communication”. It is an oft discussed topic of the present times as to how the virtual world is taking over the real and how people are happier, more comfortable interacting on various social media platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. In my opinion, this does not render these platforms evil. In fact, they have to be seen as an important part of the changing communication for students particularly these platforms have facilitated diverse information's immediately on demand.

And to me there lies the real evil. Information cannot always translate into knowledge. Social media undoubtedly provides information like never before but the ability to transform this information into knowledge can only be achieved through human interaction; through conversations that are direct and face to face. It is through these exchanges of ideas and experiences that a person develops the knack of identifying what to imbibe and what to discard from this vast ocean of information and how to mould it into knowledge.It is a general observation that over involvement with their vertual identity is robbing the present generation of
its ability to communicate and interact in person. Be it their home, college, work place, there seems to be an inability to interact and communicate in real time.

Thus, it is highly desirable that small portions of the day be allotted to pursuit of various social media and the majority of the day be dedicated to self development and improvement through human and real interactions.This will go a long way in building better and reasonable citizens for the country.

With best wishes,

Dr Hiten M Parikh

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